How To Attract Top Talent To Computer Software Sales Jobs

Computer-Software-Sales-JobsAs a hiring manager, you know intuitively that it’s not enough to attract candidates for computer software sales jobs. You want candidates who, if hired, will stick and become contributing, even passionate, members of a larger team.

That’s a formidable challenge. Good potential hires are often courted by multiple employers, who also appreciate their long-term value. Many are already happily employed. These circumstances can complicate filling open positions for even the best software sales jobs.

Below, you’ll find several actionable tips for attracting high-potential candidates to your company’s open tech sales positions.

Use Targeted Marketing To Gain Visibility

Career-minded candidates tend to keep their eyes open for promising opportunities. But they don’t just scan the classifieds, hoping to stumble upon good computer software sales jobs. They watch the trades and note which companies seem to be growing.

Leverage this tendency by marketing in the publications commonly read by top tech sales talent. If there’s a local publication that caters to this segment, secure advertising space in it. Doing so will give your company exposure to experienced software salespeople who are willing to pursue new opportunities.

Create A Footprint In The Tech Sales Community

Many cities host tech scenes that attract technology-minded individuals from a diverse range of industries and vocations. You’ll find entrepreneurs, startup business owners, and recent college graduates, many of whom are looking for the best software sales jobs.

Again, these individuals aren’t likely to peruse the Sunday classifieds in search of job openings. They’re more likely to rely on networking.

The best strategy for interacting with this community is to become a part of it. Create a presence by hosting events. Over time, your company will become known as one of the top software sales recruiters in your city.

Develop A Proactive Recruiting Strategy

If you’re doing inbound recruiting, it’s important to have a strategy in place to find the best candidates. Many companies wait until they have open positions to fill before they put out the call for interviews. Doing so is a mistake. Remember, the top technology sales talent is already employed. Moreover, they’re likely working on projects they’re disinclined to leave unfinished. Waiting until the last minute to desperately fill open positions will draw candidates who are an imperfect fit.

The alternative is to begin the recruiting process before you have positions to fill. Top talent need to be courted. That entails reaching out to them and making a connection. It entails establishing trust. This process can take weeks, and even months. The upside is that when a top performer finally agrees to join your team, you’ll be confident that he or she will stick.

Rely On An Experienced Software Sales Recruiter

If your company lacks the resources to establish and maintain a proactive recruiting program, an alternative is to hire a software sales recruiter. These firms specialize in finding talent for computer software sales jobs. They tap into a pool of highly experienced, career-minded salespeople receptive to new opportunities. They review resumes and screen candidates based on the unique criteria specified by hiring managers.

The competition to attract top talent for today’s best software sales jobs has never been fiercer. Now’s the time to be proactive with your recruiting efforts. Alternatively, take advantage of the expertise of a recruiting partner that can offer decades of experience in hiring the best candidates in the high-tech software industry.

New Way Search brings over 50 years of combined experience in software sales and sales management to information technology recruitment. We understand that the right hires will make your company stronger, and know how to identify them. Contact our team today to tap into a pool of high-potential candidates and accelerate your company’s software sales recruitment process.