Our Process

Offering a Unique Value Proposition

New Way Search Partners offers a unique value proposition based upon 50+ years of software sales, recruiting, and hiring experience at the executive management level.

We understand the intense demands placed on today’s sales management teams.

1. Client Interview

Each client will be personally interviewed to obtain a full understanding of the hiring manager’s requirements to provide the hiring manager with a qualified candidate.

2. Candidate Pre-Screening

Each candidate presented will be personally pre-screened and interviewed in order to conduct a business requirement assessment.

3. Candidate Interview

The candidate screening/interview process consists of three steps including: skills assessment, enterprise selling skills evaluations, and multiple background references. 

4. Candidate Submission

Provide the hiring manager with a qualified candidate that meets criteria, affording maximum productivity of the hiring manager’s effectiveness as it relates to recruitment of top sales executives into your organization.

We Make Clients Happy

Founded in 2005

New Way Search Partners, Inc. was co–founded in 2005 by Phil Maloney and Ted Cruse.
Both are highly experienced senior executive technology sales managers who were driven to provide a very unique value proposition in the competitive Information Technology Sales recruiting marketplace.