By Phil Maloney

Phil Maloney

New Way Search Partners is a technology search firm dedicated to the software industry. Our goal is to provide your company the absolute best in Enterprise Software sales talent. In the 15 years that we have been in business, over 90% of our candidates placed were not on the market or actively looking. Based upon our years of experience in recruiting as well as our previous experience in software sales and sales management, here are our ideas for recruiting top talent in these unprecedented times: 

  • Eventually, things will get back to normal. Building a qualified pipeline of top sales talent today is especially important, so when Business returns to normal (hopefully soon), you have a pipeline of strong candidates that you can turn into immediate hires.   This is a very important process to begin now – your competition is doing this as well.   Normal human emotion during tough times makes elite sales talent more hesitant to pursuing new opportunities. This is something we specialize in for our clients.
  • The specialist beats the generalist every time. You need a specialist for recruiting top sales talent. Like selling software, attracting top sales talent is all about trust and relationship.  Our firm has a database of over 7,000 top sales executives, pre/post-sales specialists, channel management and sales leadership candidates.   Our list of references will attest to the fact that our hires are routinely Club winners and in the top 2% of their sales teams. In our 15 years of operations, we have placed over 900 top performing sales professionals.
  • Internal recruiters have an integral role. We are acutely aware that many of our premier clients employ a dedicated team of internal recruiters. We do not compete with your internal staffs. We excel as a trusted partner and natural extension to your internal process by providing efficiencies in support of your recruiting efforts. Many of our strategic clients have at least four openings for every sales position. We believe we can help your recruiting team focus on these other roles, which is normally what they do best. Most internal recruiters have told us that high profile sales roles in difficult locations (i.e. West Coast, Federal, NYC, and others) require more effort and recruiting cycles than roles in Accounting, Administration, Software Development, etc.
  • Attracting “Difference Makers” in Software Sales is a trust and relationship sale. Over and over, our candidates and hiring managers tell us that the biggest difference they see in New Way Search Partners versus other recruiters (internal and external) is they trust our recommendations because a) they believe we truly understand the software business b) we have been successful account executives and sales managers ourselves and c) we have been candidates before as well.  
  • Over 90% of the hires that New Way Search Partners has placed were not actively looking. This is a particularly important point. Most recruiters only identify and screen candidates that apply to their job listings.   Many of these candidates have significant job movement (frequently these jobs are not listed on their resumes) and do not have a track record of over achievement.  With our extensive knowledge of the candidate pool, “We know who is good and who is not.”   We screen all our candidates three times before submitting as well as conducting “back channel” reference checks with people we know and trust.   Candidates that are not “always looking” have consistently proven to be the best performers with longevity.
  • Unlike many recruiters that give you 15 candidates, we will give you 2 or 3 of the very best candidates. We have been told by many of our hiring managers that the reason they continue to use us year after year is that we present them with 2 or 3 of the very best candidates-ones that we would hire ourselves.  This is the result of the fact that we put each candidate that we present through a very extensive process.   Recruiters that present you with 10+ candidates could not have possibly vetted them for you.   As former hiring managers ourselves, we know that you do not have time to go through a multitude of resumes.   In a sense, these other recruiters are asking you to do their work for them.
  • We guarantee all our placements. Yes, we charge a placement fee and your internal recruiters do not. Our average fee is between $20K and $25K. Remember, you only pay us when you hire the best possible candidate that satisfies your requirements!   Over the past 15 years, we have had to replace a candidate only once which was due to illness. You can reference any of our hiring manager clients regarding our process and best practices.   They will all confirm that it is better to pay a fee and secure the right candidate than to hire someone that does not perform.   Wrong hires not only cost more in lost opportunities and poor performance, but they can be the difference in a manager being able to achieve and over perform against their team quota.
  • A Call to Action. Yes, we believe that we are very good at what we do because of our unique past experiences as Account Executives, Managers, Candidates and Recruiters.   In addition, our process of screening and vetting candidates is what makes New Way Search Partners unique.   Here’s our challenge-take your two most difficult openings and make us prove that our services are better than what you have experienced with other recruiters.   Remember, you do not pay us until you hire our candidates.   We are ready to prove that we truly are different.   Please call me at (630) 324-8173 to discuss at your convenience.