How Software Sales Headhunters Can Expedite Your Job Search

If you’re pursuing a career in software sales, you should possess the same skill set needed for any type of sales job. For example, you should have excellent listening skills; you should be able to qualify prospects according to their needs and budget; and you need to be able to quickly instill trust. But selling software requires additional, specialized skills. Software sales headhunters look for candidates who are prepared to research a prospect’s company and industry before the first meeting. They seek candidates who are able to give compelling presentations at the executive level. Effective software sales reps should also be able to confidently field questions from customers about potential challenges that may surface while they use enterprise software.

Software Sales HeadhuntersThere are two ways to find a job selling software: conduct a job search on your own or do so with the help of a recruiter. Below, you’ll discover five ways a software sales headhunter can streamline the process and find you a position that complements your career goals.

#1 – They’ll Help You Line Up More Interviews

Has your phone stopped ringing? Are you getting fewer interviews than you had hoped? It’s possible that conducting your own job search is limiting your options.

A good software sales headhunter will extend your reach by putting you in touch with employers you may have missed. You’ll line up more interviews, which will improve your chances of landing the position you want.

#2 – They’ll Schedule More Targeted Interviews

It’s not enough to go on more interviews. You need to schedule interviews with employers who offer the right opportunities.

It’s possible to find good opportunities on your own, of course. But if you want to leverage your time and avoid interviews that show little promise, it pays to enlist the help of experienced software sales recruiters. They’ll line up meetings with employers who can offer what you’re looking for in terms of career potential, compensation, benefits, and other perks.

#3 – They’ll Save You Time And Effort

Searching for a position in software sales can be a full-time job in and of itself. Researching potential employers, sending resumes, and following up takes time. Worse, this can go on for weeks without your having anything to show for it.

When you work with software sales headhunters, you allow them to do the time-intensive heavy lifting for you. As a result, you reclaim the time you need to focus on strengthening your knowledge and expertise in your field.

#4 – They’ll Tap Into A “Secret” Job Market

Most software companies seeking to fill executive sales positions eschew the classifieds and job boards. They prefer to work closely with software sales recruiters. A good recruiter can quickly vet candidates based on the qualifications specified by hiring managers.

These are companies you might never come across during a conventional job search. They’re part of a “hidden” job market. Access to this pool of employers is limited to candidates who work with specialized software sales headhunters.

#5 – They’ll Provide Insight About A Company’s Culture

A generous compensation package doesn’t guarantee you’ll be satisfied with a position. A company’s culture, and how it complements your personality, is just as important a factor. It can affect your performance, which, in turn, can influence your career trajectory.

A software sales headhunter can describe a company’s culture before you meet the hiring manager. You’ll know in advance whether the employer is a good fit.

Software sales headhunters do much more than what’s described above, of course. For example, they can prepare you for tough interview questions and help you to create an attention-grabbing resume. When it comes to searching for a position in software sales, working with an experienced headhunter is likely to be the most effective, efficient approach.

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